When you see that society is unhealthy, what do you do?

Weaving InnerAction 2018 Workshop Leaders 

Gathering words from the group, we will weave them playfully together

in written conversation with a partner. Play, of course, is a serious matter.

Besides loving the sounds, images and rhythms that those words hold,

the question ‘who are you?’ that we carry will allow surprising yarns and

poetries to unwind between us.

Weaving Words: Writing Creatively



At the point where inner and outer worlds meet, language arises, and an imaginative

employment of it can help us weave these seemingly separate realms together. The created things around us can serve as images for what lives unspoken inside us, while a loving attention to stones, trees, and our animal companions can help us perceive and find human expression for the qualities whereby the world soul is continually speaking to us. Does language have an in-side to it? An information technology it may be, but is there also some vital connection between the gestures of word and world? In this interactive hour together we will explore such questions.

Biography work, its aims, methods etc in the context of getting people busy with their own lives, e.g. engaging people in interactive biography exercises to facilitate getting in touch with their own life path, experiences and questions.

Margli Matthews

Biography work

Earth Forum is a ‘social sculpture’ – connective process linking inner work and outer action. It creates a social space for uncovering our ‘agendas for transformation’ and enables a lived experience of our capacities as agents of change to shape an ecological and humane future.
Earth Forum is an ‘instrument of consciousness’ (Shelley Sacks) of the University of the Trees: Lab for New Knowledge and an Eco-Social Future. It is in tune with Joseph Beuys’ perception that ‘every human being is an artist’: social sculptors working with the ‘invisible materials’ of thought, discussion and speech to shape our own lives and social forms that will enable us to be the social freedom-beings we potentially are.

Annelinde Kirchgaesser and Markus Stefan

Giovanna Conforto

The two oil drops

"The secret of happiness consists in admiring all the wonders of the world without forgetting the two oil drops in the tea spoon."


This is the ending of a very famous wisdom tale that will inspire our work together.

In storytelling, we are in a place where we are both deeply rooted inside ourselves, in our images and and feelings, but also connected with everything outside us: This will be the theme of our exploration through stories, exercises, games and fun.

Nana WOO

Soil , Soul , Society  

Humanity is on the edge, we still live in the world of disconnection and separation, from nature,  from one’s soul, from people.

we need shifts that can be made by each of us. This is the question I hold:  How can we reconnect with simple things we encounter in life beyond the border of my habitual life? with JOY!

This is not workshop, this is ‘Pause shop’ , to make a pause from daily life ( too many thoughts, too many decisions to make, too many ideas, too much information)and to be present and create space to reconnect with the natural environment  (Soil) , Inner dimension (Soul), Social relationship (Society). We will work with stories, non-verbal communication (eg Eurythmy) and HUMOUR!

*This workshop’s content is inspired by Satish Kumar’s book  ‘Soil, Soul, Society : a new trinity for our time’.

Rachel Aharon
Revealing the Elements-  
A reflection of the "I" through artistic work
 In this workshop we will engage in artistic activity such as chalk drawing and clay modelling.
We will work with our hands and imagination,
to explore the elements in us and in the others.
Focus on Creation  - Observation  - Transformation
Become more inwardly aware of our connection and responsibility for our lives.

"the Dynamix"