Weaving Inneraction 2019 gathering will once again take place at Emerson College, UK. The foundation of this gathering of diverse participants, is the realisation that our inner and outer world is confronted with separation and fragmentation, and that as human beings we must find a way to bring wholeness to our lives, so that we can be free, active, hopeful, connected and encouraged in our work and life.

Weaving Inneraction is a guided experience in searching for sustainable answers to personal and social questions related to what it means to be human and how we can overcome the challenges our lives are presenting us with, while also opening up and building deep connections with each other.


In this year’s Weaving Inneraction gathering we are creating a heart space for true encounter.
For this we will let ourselves be guided and inspired by the virtue of courage. The root of the word courage is heart. If we want to find our way in this world, which seems to be confronting us from all directions with ever more fearful scenario’s for the future, we will need to take heart and be ready to use our strength and activity and not remain passive towards life. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner, we ask ourselves: “How can I not withdraw in a timid way from the things which life asks from me, but be prepared to take myself in hand and know how to act when it is necessary?” Courage is connected with a healthy life of feeling. We can therefore also ask ourselves: “How do I create a healthy life of feeling out of which I can develop bravery at the right moment?”



Where do we find the courage to be vulnerable and truly meet another person, even if it seems like this person is very different from ourselves?

Can we believe in a future where each human being is seen as a unique individual with their own life intentions and where we can find unity beyond our differences?

How can I stand grounded in my Being and be able to express the fullest sense of my Self in the meetings I have throughout life?

How can I harness my energy and cultivate a mood of courage?

How can I activate my bravery to help others in need?

 Our gathering will take place in the week leading up to the festival of Michaelmas, considered to be a time when we inwardly prepare for the coming cold and darkness of winter.

Emerson College will nourish and support us in this collective work with its beautiful and peaceful environment, its healthy food and warm character.

The time of this gathering is traditionally a celebration of the end of summer with the harvest of many gifts the earth provides for us. For the participants of Weaving InnerAction, that will mean being served delicious and freshly prepared, all organic meals for lunch and supper every day; most of which will consist of vegetables, fruits and herbs just harvested from the Emerson College biodynamic garden. These qualities that our amazing venue Emerson College has to offer, a group of highly qualified guest contributors (with some new and returning), the dynamic Weaving Inneraction Team and more will all assist us in the supported experience of diving into our heart space, where we encounter and learn to embody courage for our life. 


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Living Your Story- What happens when we are able to talk openly and honestly about what we are experiencing in our lives? When we share our story something magical happens - it becomes a powerful healing tool, not just for us as the storyteller but for those that surround us. In this workshop we will use storytelling, activities and games to explore crafting memories from our own life into stories and discovering the gifts that they contain for the world.